Rosalie Whyel Museum Dollhouse

25 Oct

Seattle is a town of two seasons: rainy and not rainy. The rains are here again, and I’d promised myself I’d spend the next rainy Sunday my sweetie’s out of town at the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art. Located just outside of Seattle in Bellevue, the museum itself is like a real Victorian dollhouse. What a loss this “mecca for doll collectors and enthusiasts” must shut its doors from lack of funding after almost two decades next Spring.

Photography isn’t allowed inside (for good reason), but I did find a snapshot of the fantastic and lovingly crafted dollhouse in the back of the lobby. That the museum lobby even is studded with such gems attests to the impressive quality and quantity of total inventory.

If I recall correctly, this dollhouse has more than a dozen rooms and is attentive to detail down to usable miniature toilet paper.

Make sure you visit the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art before Spring 2012 if you’re in the Seattle area!

Imagination Mall

4 Oct

An excellent list of miniatures shops and networks for dorks like me: The Imagination Mall.  One of the listings is for Dijon Limited in the UK, which currently features these garden treasures:

the gnomes know!

I know, I know, I need to post on my restoration progress.  I’m again on the job search and just got back from France avec Maman.  Stay tuned!

Rockin’ the Casbah with Sherbert Colors

30 Sep

Surfing Etsy, I stopped by CasbahMinis’s shop for new fine furnitures finds.  This pairing’s interesting – stoic, square black velvet against brilliant raspberry, lemon and orange.  As the description reads, “these pieces pair beautifully with the Maharaja’s Princess bed,” which I profiled a few posts ago.  Hot!

$85.00 for the pair.

Black Velvet & Sherbert Satin Sofa and Chair

Creative Curtain Rods

20 Sep

While pondering how I might decorate my Seattle apartment – which I’m supposed to leave unblemished and hence curtain-free – I stumbled across some creative curtain ideas, including this branch-turned-rod one.  Just dust off (no buggies!), spray paint, and mount as you wish. 

Ideally you wouldn’t actually move the drapes so you wouldn’t scrape any wood particles off the “hardware” and onto your head.  Might actually work for a dollhouse, too – and be more practical decor there.

Fashion a Rod from a Branch!

Eat Your Heart Out Donald Trump

15 Sep

33 rooms, a house to die for! 

Its creator, Kathleen Gilbert, is looking for the Gilbert Mansion, which was last spotted on eBay in 2007.  Seven feet long, six feet tall, 2.5 feet wide.  Oh yeah!

Thanks Sumaiya Mehreen for the report.

Gilbert Mansion

Cool Architecture & Design News Blog

22 Mar

I was poking around the web for European  floor plans (French country actually) and came across  The blog showcases modern architectural marvels, including sustainably certified elements that are only just arriving in the US.

Maharaja’s Princess Bed

14 Mar

I know, I know, I’ve been working too hard (at Re-Vision Labs – check out our cool site!) and the weather’s starting to get lovely again (it’s Seattle… we have 1. rainy season and 2. sunny season).  Those are my reasons/excuses for not playing with my house and telling you about it.  Though I’ve finally cleaned up the dining room, and hope to work on it one small part at a time.

For your amusement, I found this on Etsy.  Hand-crafted luxe!

Maharaja Princess Bed

“Hand finished to deep ebony lustre and detailed with 24k gold, this bed is dressed in black velvet and gold floral brocade, skirted with vintage Asian fabric elements and finished with various trimmed pillows in raspberry, lemon and lime, a vintage Asian fabric piece, then topped with a raspberry throw. This piece coordinates nicely with the Black Velvet & Sherbet sofa and chair set.”

$120 USD… expensive taste, no?


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